Potfest – celebrating ceramics

6th March, 2018

Potfest ceramic shows – putting public and potters together. Meet the potters, talk pots, and buy direct from the maker. Meet exhibitors invited from all over Europe and beyond. All with very distinctive individual styles, all passionate about working with clay.

Potfest in the Park – July 27/28/29th http://www.potfest.co.uk/our-potters/?pottertypes=park-exhibitors

Potfest in the Pens – Aug. 3/4/5th http://www.potfest.co.uk/our-potters/?pottertypes=pens-exhibitors

Potfest Scotland – June 8/9/10th http://www.potfest.co.uk/our-potters/?pottertypes=scotland-exhibitors

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