Time for a change

15th November, 2014

Accessories are the key to personalising your home. They add touches that give your home an individual look and tell an awful lot about you. They can express your personal taste and can make your room unique. Choosing the right items as well as how we arrange them are key to creating the right look for you. Lamps, rugs and candles are the most common way to add a hit of colour without being too drastic, but, clocks are fast becoming artwork in their own right and are the perfect way to put a stamp on a plain room in your home.

Our range of desk clocks aren’t just about telling the time, they are a balanced mix of colour and form that can set the style and tone for any room in your house. Fashion statements as well as a simple time-teller, our colourful range of clocks make great gifts for friends. Why not treat yourself (and your home) to one of these highly individual pieces. We’re sure you can find the time to take one off our hands…



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